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    Putting the e-mail I sent out just now up here--in the hopes of it getting "wider press". Hope you don't mind Judy:


    You are all receiving this e-mail because you may be able to hook me up with someone. What is needed in view of the Natfhe boycott (as I mentioned in a previous e-mail) is:

    1. A way for people to apply for honorary affiliation with Israeli universities; and
    2. For that list to be public.

    One person requested that professionals as well as academics should be able to apply. But that's up to the universities.

    The idea seems to be well-received. In fact, one person on my list (a Canadian) is receiving e-mails about it right back; meaning the e-mail he sent is making the rounds.

    Do any of you have a direct link to Friends of Israel, by chance? I e-mailed them using the e-mail on their web page to no avail. Ditto with Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Ditto with Ami at Israel University Consortium. In the meanwhile my original e-mail is making the rounds and the response is (basically) “Yeah, great idea. Sign me up”—and it would be awfully nice if I had somewhere to sign them up to…

    Can you think of a group to contact? Do you have any personal contacts you could call? The one response I have received thus far was from Engage. They said no.




    Last year the University of Haifa set up this web page

    in response to the AUT boycott. Perhaps they'll be renewing that page in response to the NATFHE boycott, in which case people could once again sign up to express solidarity. I imagine, though, that they'll only renew that page *if* the new union's Committee on Transitional Arrangements decides that the NATFHE boycott is binding on the new union. Otherwise what we have with the NATFHE's decision is symbolic--which is bad enough--but only symbolic, since the NATFHE no longer exists.

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