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    Antipholus Papps

    "Tell me where their vision differs from ours except that ours is based in experience and theirs in hope."

    The sheer arrogance of this statement had me spitting cornflakes. I think Blair is the biggest threat this country has faced since Hitler. I also remember that the invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland were sold as humanitarian interventions to domestic audiences.


    Oh, I agree. In fact Blair is much worse than Hitler. Much, much worse. Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland, as you say, with the best of intentions, and at least he didn't try to force self-rule on them. Oh no. At least he had the decency to stay in charge and continue to guide them (well, for as long as those meddling Yanks would let him), whereas Tony is leaving the poor Iraqis to their own devices, politically. Doesn't he know that his foolish Western ideas of democracy have no place in the Middle East?

    Gordon Shifman

    If I may paraphrase Winston Churchill. my attitude to Guardian reports and to Guardian "Comment is Free" blogs in particular is" Never, in the field of human dialong, has so much verbal diarrhea, been spurted, by so few.

    The Vole Strangler

    Clearly Blair wants to go and get his medal of thanks once the job has been done in Iraq or when he has left office. The latter will be the first to happen. It would look stupid and be a PR failure for him to accept it until then, especially as the media have increased their publicity on the descent into disorder that is Iraq and on the body count of US and British soldiers.

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