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    This is an extraordinary story. And does anyone else feel that if it had been the leader of the Conservative MEPs, the BBC would have made very much more of the story?


    Certainly. If this had been the British National Party, we would have heard that they are racists.

    chevalier de st george

    The antisemetism of the LEFT is far more cunningly veiled than that of the right.Antisemetism by proxy based on holocaust guilt is perhaps the correct term.
    Based on the demonization of Israel which must be sustained at all costs, it is often an attempt to excise the deep shame of western duplicity in the Holocaust. By equating Jews to Nazis, the shame becomes far more tolerable and by "reducing the Holocaust to just another "non unique" genocide exploited by Jews in a "holocaust industry", the progressives lighten further the burden of guilt.
    Western liberalism seeks to deny the existence of evil from human nature. Evil is seen as an "abberation" caused by circumstances outside the control of the perpetrator. It cannot be part of human nature.
    Those who defend themselves against aggression are seen as equal to the perpetrators themselves.
    Thus it is not only Israel that has no right to self defence , but also the ordinary householder who uses force to defend himself and his family against violent burglary.
    It is a form of Nihilism in which the notions of right and wrong are denied.
    The perpetrator is equal to the victim.
    All cultures are equal regardless of their regards for human rights.
    Music from an andean flute is the equal of a Mozart Symphony.
    The ideals of democracy are equal to those of totalitarian regimes and so on and so on.

    chevalier de st george

    And another thing-
    how many times have i watched the multitidude of Holocaust documentaries put out by the BBC, believing that they would do some good in the education of the general public.
    A typical response
    'How come the Jews who had suffered so much could act in such barbaric ways towards the Palestinians'
    or the cartoon by Michael Luenig, published in MSM australia, depicting a Lone Jew, standing outside gates of a camp full of palestinians . the inscription reading "Arbeit macht frei".
    By willingly swallowing BBC and arab propaganda, historical revisionism and falsehoods about Israel ,these liberals relieve themselves from the shame they feel. To cleanse their conscienses Israel must be equated to Nazi Germany.


    More examples of "Londonistan" at work.


    Chris Davies was on Monday’s Today programme to discuss the Joffe Bill on terminally ill patients. No attempt was made to raise the above controversy.

    Would Ed Stourton have let Davies off the hook if the constituent had been, say, a Muslim? Of course not. In fact, had that been the case I very much doubt that Davies would have been invited on.

    arieh aharoni

    You are totally right that the BBC strangely tried to make out that it was the "wallow in your own filth comments" which forced Davies to resign, even though it seems clear that the biggest problem was his belief in the overpowerful Jewish lobby.
    However, one thing i wasnt impressed with was your dismissal of the newspaper as one which "rarely carries any exceptional reporting".
    You mistakenly call it the London Jewish News, when the name changed to The Jewish News, more than two years ago.
    I think you will find, if you read the paper, that the standards of journalism are consistently high and the paper often breaks important stories.
    I am not sure it is good practice to belittle fellow journalists and a well respected publication in this way.
    Perhaps an apology would be best.


    No one ever suggests that Black Amnericans should know better, because they were slaves. It seems that this argument only applies to Jews. It is a stick used to beat Jews up with. Jews are put on a phony pedestal for the purpose of knocking them off.

    I still remember a BBC segment on Reporting Religion. The intrepid BBC reporter went to a liberal synagogue with the expressed purpose of "finding out what American Jews think about Israel." This was during the last election. Apparently, Jews don't have worthwhile opinion on any other issue but Israel. It was funny and sad to hear the interviewees talk about the economy, the environment, helping the poor. They were too offended to even mention Israel, but the BBC reporter was to obtuse to realize it.


    These Libdems seen to like attacking constituants. Try this one.

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