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    Steven Weinberg makes an excellent point when he more or less asks: why Israel?

    Why not Sudan or a host of unsavoury countries that actually do have pretty dubious reputations in terms of "human rights"?

    One BIG candidate, with lots of students and academics in the UK:

    The People's Republic of China.

    But not a peep out of NAFTHE or AUT.


    Have just been reading Engage's web site. One woman writes:

    "I was recently asked if I would mark exams and dissertations - for very good pay - to cover the work left unmarked by strike action. While I fundamentally disagree with this tactic of not setting/marking, my immediate, unequivocal reaction was no -- I don't scab.

    "The re-appearance of this boycott issue and the arguments presented to support it has made me think again. If the branch of the university supports this motion I will scab; in fact, I will actively seek further opportunities to scab.

    "I cannot and will not support a union branch that promotes McCarthyite loyalty tests, that adopts a de facto anti-Semitism, that re-creates a system of special categories for Jews (although 'good' Israeli Jews are allowed an academic life -- perhaps they will be given green stars?), and that fatuously claims this is based on 'rights.'


    "It is not a case of tit for tat; rather they will have drawn a line and thus asked me to stand with them or against them. I feel I must stand against them."

    I wonder how many feel (and will do) the same?




    They might want to add to the section on Saudi Arabia that it also prevents PALESTINIANS from becoming citizens, even those born there which would be considered rather important if they are so invested in Palestinian human rights.


    This Israel boycott thing is reminiscent of the Bavarian Academy's expulsion of Einstein in Nazi Germany. It looks like Steve Rose and other idiots have again biten off more than they can swallow.

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