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    sam menzies

    frankly why even bother fighting it? don't try to be rational in your opposition; the poor blind left-wing brits simply don't care. why live in a country that doesn't want authentic jews, a country which celebrates only jews like those quislings, the roses and pinter? let the uk become another fascist islamic state in peace. and personally, i can't wait for sue blackwell to wear the hijab.


    I'm ashamed of my country when I read this.

    Alf Green

    What a masterful analysis Judy. Israel never does anything wrong and Engage is responsible for the campaigns to boycott Israeli academics.

    You certainly have a clear view of what is going on.

    chevalier de st george

    Clearly and sadly, there is infinitely more academic freedom at Haifa university than on the Birmingham Campus.
    The demands of these so called "academics" bear strong similarity to the policy of the Nazis before WW2 in Germany when jews were expelled from academia.
    Who said that the rotten apple falls from the tree?


    Alf Green,

    The issue is not whether Israel ever does anything wrong.

    Rather, the issue relates to the analysis and conclusions reached regarding what Israel does and the tendency for Israel, in the British press and on campus, to be treated as local news - which ought to be a hint to any rational person that matters are being grossly distorted - and as pariah.

    All countries and people do things wrong. However, some countries and people are treated as if they are pariahs. Others are not. And the treatment does not appear so much to depend on what countries or peoples do but, instead, on politics, economics and the ability to manipulate opinion and treatment.

    In the world's current predicament, Israel has been cast into a demonic role, as if we were in a morality play, by many of those who belong to the anti-Imperialist, anti-racist school of thought.

    However, were one to examine - rather than role-cast - Israel's actual behavior and compare it with that of other similarly situated countries, Israel's behavior not particularly bad. And, were one to compare Israel's behavior with that of any country in the Arab regions, Israel is, by comparison, saintly.

    And, if Israel's behavior is compared with the behavior of European countries when they faced hostile surrounding countries and groups, Israel also comes out rather better than European countries. In this regard, consider how Britain, France and Germany have dealt, over the last hundred years, were their disagreements and about the treatment of people not from the ruling ethnicity under their rule. Again, Israel, considered analytically, comes out rather well. In fact, by comparison, Israel is a rather saintly country.

    This is not to say that Israel is perfect. It is to say that the demonization of Israel is not remotely justified. Such exists because of the needs of certain people who espouse a particular political point of view.


    I demand that the Arabs cease their oppression of the Copts and immediately cease their illegal occupation of Egypt.

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