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    Well, only time will tell. But at the moment I am thinking "NO. WAY. NOT. EVER."


    well after a lifetime of wearing glasses (punctuated by a couple of periods of ultimately unsuccessful attempts with contact lenses) at the age of 59 I had laser treatment. For the reasons you mentioned I only had one eye done (I was short sighted) so I now have one eye for distant vision and one eye for close vision and it works perfectly! I am thrilled. Apart from the vanity aspect (which I think means I'm still alive), I no longer have to carry around 3 pairs of glasses.


    Actually as someone who got his first pair of glasses at 6 and started wearing them fulltime at 11 (I am now 52), I always wanted to get the courage to try contacts but could never summon it up eventhough I am told that they are quite comfortable. However you made a mistake in saying that it inovolves putting something in your eye, contacts actually float on your eyeball.


    Thanks for posting this - as you did, I also shrugged off the prescription that I received in my early adulthood. But I always did have some astigmatism.

    I am already aware that I'll have to confront this within a few years.

    Someone also suggested a new type of nightime contact lens that actually changes the shape of the eye's lens - you can have perfect vision during the day, but the effect persists only as long as you wear them at night. Sort of like a reversible version of laser surgery. It's called orthokeratology

    Here's a link:

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