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    Elite has owned Max Brenner for several years but it did start out as an independant chocolatier. I fondly remember their humble little store on Emek Rafaim in Jerusalem. There are a ton of chocolatiers in Tel Aviv these days...


    Max Brenner is pretty big in Australia as well. I've seen at least four stores in Sydney and a couple in Melbourne, and you can get chocolate in a few speciality cafes here in Canberra as well. Apparently, aside from Israel and Australia, there are stores in London, Singapore and Manila as well. As for the actual chocolate, I can't I'm very fond of it.

    Also, I'm not surprised your daughter has had difficulty getting nice chocolate over there; I was surprised in January by how limited the range of chocolate was (luckily I brought some Bendick's Bittermints from London).


    Perhaps it is my faulty memory or VERY clever merchandising by elite, but from what i recall, Max Brenner actually started out as an "Apple" kinda firm, cooking up chocolates in someones back yard storage room somewhere in the Sharon area. Then they opened a small store on Dizengoff and later the one on Jerusalem's Emek Refaim street. The Tel Aviv store went bankrupt and closed, the brand was bought by Elite.

    What i do recall with fondness is the overpowering chocolate smell on RamatGan's "elite junction. Once upon a time, when i was much younger, they made chocolate there.
    I always wanted to have a look inside, imagining huge baths of brownish liquid chocolate.


    Elite itself now has some very nice dark bars with 70 percent cocoa solids, in a more upscale packaging than their retro "red cow" scheme.

    And of course you can get Lindt and the other major brands in Israeli supermarkets for a relatively reasonable price.


    Well, I grew up on Elite's 'cow' chocolate and it's always been quite sufficient for feeding my addiction, thank you very much.


    And if that's not bad enough, Campbell's Soup Co. owns Godiva. . . .

    Judy, you might like to know that Dagoba is kosher. They make some funky flavors (which I like, YMMV) and most of it is dark chocolate.

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