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    The Jpost article wasn't correct.

    Here's the HRW and Garlasco's position after the meeting with Kalifi:

    It hasn't changed.

    You should correct your statements on this.


    Dude, I've carefully read HRW's latest press release, and recommend all readers to do so.
    It does not contradict any of the statements I quoted Garlasco and his boss making to the Jerusalem Post, which acknowledge that the findings of the IDF report, that the deaths were not caused by aerial shelling, cannot be contradicted, and that the investigation was conducted meticulously. What it tries to do is to pick out anything it can to cast doubt on the IDF version, whilst concealing the admissions they made to the Jerusalem Post reporter. It actually covers over the fact that they sent their own data to the IDF and discussed it with them, as I heard Garlasco acknowledge on BBC Radio 4. In the light of their admissions to the JP, that makes this press release yet more proof of their loaded and dishonest political agenda. If they had been misquoted or misrepresented by the JP, you can be sure they would have issued a furious press release to that effect.


    The HRW report states that it was an 155mm artillery shell fired that day. This is contrary to the earlier reports of Kalifi/IDF. Jpost fails to mention this so as to appear that the IDF was right and Garlasco was wrong.

    Yet the conclusion was that the IDF was wrong and it was an artillery shell that killed the victims.


    Dude, The HRW report is based on Garlasco's claims to have retrieved a 155 mm shell from the Gaza beach in the vicinity of the deaths. That doesn't mean it was fired that day or that it was part of the explosion that killed the family. It also does not establish that it wasn't planted there by Hamas operatives who were seen to be on the beach at the time of the explosion.

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