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    "Or will they raise questions about why the Palestinian authorities permit families to use a beach which they must know is likely to have unexploded ordnance lying on it?"

    First of all, they don't care.
    But also, Palestinians and Beduins, both inside Israel and in the territories collect scrap metal. It wouldn't be strange that one in that family touched a dud and it exploded.

    Every year, at least a dozen people die in Israel because of this. (I remember two recent cases)

    The Daughter

    For all that the Palestinian Authorities may not care, they very much DO care! This has been wonderful propaganda for their cause, Abbas himself coming out and saying that it was a deliberate terror attack carried out by the Israelis taking advantage of the diversion created while Olmert was out of the country. The PA news channel itself broadcast a faked tape with footage from the aftermath of the deaths interspersed with archive footage of Israeli gunboats firing shells. The little girl Huda has been ruthlessly exploited and paraded in front of the media. She has become a living marytr to the Palestinian cause, because she has been directed to channel her grief and anguish into hate of Israel instead of being allowed to properly mourn the loss of her family.

    They care about the Palestinian cause. The same care does not always extend to the Palestinian people.

    David in DC

    The Palestinians put on the full court press here. Unfortunately for them, the IDF broke the press and got a slam dunk at the other end.

    I think it is in part because Hamas' popularity is dropping, and the revelation that they murdered this group of beachgoers would not have helped matters at all. We generally see that these eye-witness accounts are less than reliable, but Hamas went further here and apparently fabricated evidence.

    Another point - the HRW smears the IDF in their initial press release:

    However, such internal investigations by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have generally fallen short of international standards for thorough and impartial investigations and have rarely uncovered the truth or held to account the perpetrators of violations, as documented in a 2005 Human Rights Watch report, Promoting Impunity: The Israeli Military’s Failure to Investigate Wrongdoing.

    At the same time they rely on a group that is even "less thorough and impartial" (read: has been busted fabricating evidence and lying through their teeth).

    Now that the group has, once again, been busted lying through their teeth, hiding evidence and in all probability fabricating it as well, will HRW note this in their revised report? Will they note that this happens regularly? Most importantly, will they document it in a 2006 Human Rights Watch report perhaps titled, Libelous Deception: The Palestinians' Penchant for Deflecting Blame and Fabricating Victimhood.


    Per an earlier post, just how much credibility do we give to an organization like HRW, that admitted after Saddam's fall that it knew of such outrages as the special childrens' "holding facility" at Abu Graib, but kept silent for fear of being kicked out of the country and thus be unable to do anything to help.

    richard Landes

    In a book on the accusation of poisoning schoolgrils in Jenin in 1983 (Poison), Rafi Israeli described the Israeli (and more broadly the Jewish) condition. When the accusations came out, everyone was on it. When the refutation came, the Israeli media reported it, the Arab media denied it and the Western media fell silent. Israel is caught between libel and silence.


    "A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes." - Twain (attributed)

    Family Cohen Yerushalayim I"H

    The BBC still carries the initial assertions by HRW in a highly emotive piece about picnicing on Gaza Beaches. It is so biased as to be funny.
    In addition it is running a selection of pictures on UN Refugee Day and you guessed all the so called "refugees" (if you see well nourished look of these "refugees" you will understand what I mean) come from "Palestine" - not a single picture of the Darfur Refugees the Rwanda Refugees etc etc. It is becoming so that the BBC is now the official mouthpiece of the PLO - but of course we must not accuse them of bias.


    Now that the IDF has coninced Human Rights Watch, is normblog going to retract his endorsement of the calls for an "impartial" investigation?

    jeffrey Mushens

    HRW change their story when they get better evidence. I wish more people did the same.


    The Jpost article wasn't correct.

    Here's the HRW and Garlasco's position after the meeting with Kalifi:

    It hasn't changed.

    You should correct your statements on this.


    Dude, I've carefully read HRW's latest press release, and recommend all readers to do so.
    It does not contradict any of the statements I quoted Garlasco and his boss making to the Jerusalem Post. What it tries to do is to pick out anything it can to cast doubt on the IDF version, whilst concealing the admissions they made to the Jerusalem Post reporter. It actually covers over the fact that they sent their own data to the IDF and discussed it with them, as I heard Garlasco acknowledge on BBC Radio 4. In the light of their admissions to the JP, that makes this press release yet more proof of their loaded and dishonest political agenda. If they had been misquoted or misrepresented by the JP, you can be sure they would have issued a furious press release to that effect.

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