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    Steve M

    Azarmehr comments on a different Iranian flag conflict. He is concerned about which Iranian flag their supporters carry. Most waved the 'Sun and Lion' flag although a few displayed the 'Islamic Republic' flag.

    Something to look out for when watching Iran's next game.

    Azarmehr's Blog - For a democratic secular Iran


    The flags I saw were definitely not Islamic Republic of Iran flags.



    I also noticed these and a further Iranian flag (or poss. football shirt) - at the David Lloyd Gym in Finchley - well patronisd by the Jewish community - myself included. It was one of only three - I think Italy and England being the others.


    Funny. I live in Germany, and being close to Frankfurt, the contigent of foreign football supporters has amazed with with its diversity. "Hooligans of the World," they might call it.



    FYI, there's a sizable expat Iranian community in Vancouver. Much earlier this year (or late last year), some Muslim members of that community decided to respond to Ahmadinejad's ravings of the week by mounting an art show that honoured 2,500 years of Jewish life in Iran.

    I suspect that the vast majority of ex-pat Iranians around the world are not fans of the Islamic Republic as most are probably refugees from the Khomeinist regime, whatever their religious and political orientation, from the Communists who discovered that their former allies against the Shah were not their friends to those who were allied with the Shah and lost everything in the revolution. Indeed one secular Muslim I know, who falls in the latter camp, says that the Islamic conquest of Persia was the worst thing that happened to his culture.


    My grandparents were all Polish. My mother's father was killed in WWI serving in the Austro-Hungarian army, her mother moved to Vienna and that's where my mom was born and grew up. she and her mother got work visas to England in 1939 and spent the war as servants for English aristocrats.

    My father's parents came to Berlin where my father was born. His father was a poultry wholesaler. They left for Paris in 1936 and were able to get sponsored for American citizenship and I think got their papers in '41? Anyway they walked from Paris to Marseilles and the ship to America stopped in Casablanca..... My parents could have fit into half the movies about WWII....

    So maybe your grandfather knew my grandfather in the poultry biz!


    Iran flag spotted on car parked in Mill Hill High Street- the kind with Iran written below the colours. Is this the new Eddie Stobart v Norbert Dentressangle spotting game?


    Oh, Hormuz (the Iranian shop in Temple Fortune) is great, and run by lovely people, too. They were always giving extra sweet things for free to my flatmate when we lived upstairs a few flats along from there. (They are almost certainly monarchists - I've seen them flying the Lion and Sun version of the Iranian flag before - even on non-football-related occasions.)

    With that and Joseph's Bookstore (not to mention the attached restaurant), that parade of shops must be one of the most exceptional in London.


    Ami-- that figures. One of those cars I saw was on the road that leads up to Mill Hill...And it's more fun than Eddie Stobart tracks, which are relatively rare in Finchley, though I'm sure that they go great guns up the A1 and M1 through Mill Hill.

    Venichka, respec'... you are as cool in your evaluation of Temple Fortune shopping heaven as you are in your Harry's Place comments on boring old politics. Have you checked out the selection of cheeses in Kosher Paradise? Tasted the incomparable Daniel's challah? Sunk your teeth into the qwiches from Platters?


    Thanks for your kind words.

    Daniel's challah - oh yes, very good indeed. (I might dare to suggest that those of Roni's in West Hampstead are of a similar standard, though...)

    And, alas, I'm unable to eat cheese - though I have sampled many other products from Kosher Paradise. They were, after all, my next door neighbours for two years. The people there were generally cheery, too.

    I was VERY bemused to see a child's musical mobile in another shop along that parade, which would play a selection of three tunes, the swich for each being labelled by the name of the (European classical) composer of each tune. Quite impressed (although I didn't hear the tunes). Get the cultural education going young!

    Dr Paul Stott

    Prior the 2006 World Cup, the last time it was in Europe (France 1998) each Iranian game saw large demonstrations by exiles opposed to the Islamic regime.

    Indeed I wonder if the threat of counter-demonstrations was why the Iranian President changed his mind about coming to Germany to see his team.....

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