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    An Israeli cafe? Please help me - I'm stuck in an unpleasant part of Bethnal Green (I know, I know, Galloway etc. I try to forget so don't remind me...)and although some of the greasy spoons and asian restaurants are ok, I'd love to know the whereabouts of even a single Jewish eatery. Can anyone advise?



    This list tells you all you need.

    The Bevis Marks restaurant is near Bethnal Green, but expensive.

    I recommend Orli's, Solly's, Cafe Dan, Amor for popular cheap eats.

    Met Su Yan and Kaifeng are fabulous but expensive. As is 613.

    Happy eating.


    Brilliant, many thanks, and good luck moving home.


    Judy - good luck in the new place.

    I went through this when we moved to Israel - it was wrenching to give up on some dreams and byways.

    Then I went through it again in Israel - we left our stuff in storage for several years, and when we finally unpacked, it was amazing how many of the items I had carefully preserved and "rescued" just a year or two ago... were now irrelevant to my new life.

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