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    Jack Donaldson

    Let's liberate Iran. But let's be careful not to let the socalled Tajirih Justice Center for women, a radical feminist organization run by an Iranian woman close to George Bush...dictate to Iranian men how their new democracy is going to turn out. In the USA, Bush has already allowed the TJC to implement the IMBRA law that makes it a privilege and not a right for Americans to talk to foreigners online.


    Let's liberate Iran

    In 1953 Kermit Roosevelt, Gen Schwarzkopf Sr., and MI6 did just that................but under Jimmy Carter with bright sparks such as Hamilton Jordan and Cyrus Vance - the French were allowed to insert Khomeini into Iran and the Soviets were allowed to insert troops into Afghanistan (and Mozambique, Angola etc)

    That lethal combination of circumstances is still haunting us 28 years later..............

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