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    Shana tova, Judy! :)
    I'm sorry. Yesteray I erased some idiot comments on my blog and I guess I erased yours too! :O
    Nothing personal, I was just so upset that started presing delete, delete, delete without noticing it was too much!
    I might be in London again in Sucot. I'm thinking about it! ($$$) However, I'm in love with the city. I tend to to lose control, heheheh.


    Gmar chasima tovah, Judy1

    I was always taught that Rosh Hashana is the anniversary of the SIXTH day of creation, the day that human beings were created. Why the sixth day? Because the purpose of the universe is to create a setting in which each person can choose freely whether to develop into a moral creature with a relationship with G-d, by following G-d's will, or whether to degenerate into an animal by following their own appetites and desires. Only human beings have the power to make this choice, and therefore the world's birthday is the anniversary of the creation of the creature who is an active moral participant in creation.

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