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    I'm glad you picked up on this. I saw it yesterday and was furious. Dugard is abusing his position as a UN official to promote his own BBC-ified personal opinions.

    The terrible irony of all this nonsense about Gaza being a prison is the Kafaesque way Israel is held responsible for absolutely all ills suffered by the Palestinians, regardless of the actual circumstances. While Gaza was occupied, everyone screamed at Israel to get out. Israel is now completely out -- so now Gaza is a "prison" and it's once again guess-who's fault. Israel is even blamed for the fact that the international community has cut off much financial aid to the PA because Hamas is a terrorist organisation. Somehow this, too, is Israel's fault (another of Dugard's accusations).

    Great post Judy, thanks. And happy new year!


    I am ashamed to share citizenship with this odious twit. I'm even more ashamed to admit that when I was at law school in South Africa, I looked up to John Dugard as a defender of human rights. I didn't realise then that his definition of "human" excluded Jews.


    I am in the same position, Stephen, having not only regarded Dugard as my mentor at law school, but having marched alongside him in an illegal student protest march. I also met him in the Hague a couple of years back where he lectures, having decamped there in some dudgeon when the new SA government failed to recognise his contribution by giving him a commensurate post. The fond reunion was tinged with misgivings as I became aware from his account of his new role. It is very painful and inexplicable to me what has happened to him.

    Ian Ward

    Somehow the whiff of Nazism seems to emanate from John Dugard. Could it be that he`s been a closet fascist all these years ?

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