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    What took my eye was the revolutionary femme looks a bit like yourself. (ok this ones been kept in storage better).

    I always loved the revolutionary art of Russia, it was so err 'inspiring' in its dynamic design.

    I think some of the Russian art from the early part of the 20C is really quite revolutionary,- visually.

    I much prefer your daughters idea of having silk-screened 'Zionist-socialist pioneers', as you acknowledge despite the current 'chic'ness of these heroes of the proletariat revolution, they never the less represent a very dark side of human nature.

    Its funny, but a lot of the 'iconography' in Russian 'revolutionary' printing bears a certain stylistic semblance to the printing and brochure covers that can be found of the early Zionist days.

    Despite its 'collective' themes, these images are inspiring, its just that despite good intentions initially, the Russian revolution ended up representing a massive repression of individual rights and state authorised terror whilst the other lead to the rather more positive outcome of the State of Israel.

    As for that curtain shop owner, maybe hiding behind their revolutionary curtain, they've developed a zeal for all things capitalist.

    You have to admit the last Russian curtain was rather heavy.



    Seen on a T-shirt recently in downtown Toronto: Cli-Che.

    And a film reviewer friend of mine notes with great amusement that little pocket packs of facial tissue with Che Guevara's image on it were handed out as a promo item at some screening. Quite a fitting tribute to the memory of Castro's Executioner General, eh?


    Radical Chic has always been very expensive. I suppose you've read Tom Wolfe's priceless little book whose title (I think) originated the phrase?


    Radical chic indeed.

    I'll believe all this cutting-edge, no-holds-barred, avant-garde, politically challenging twaddle when I see Mohammed print curtains and pocket packs of facial tissue.

    Now that would be a daring statement by the fashionable darlings.

    Don't hold your breath though!

    Expresso Expression

    The best of the communist Russia propaganda stemmed from the Futurist and Constructivist art movements of the early 20th century. These people were real artists as well as ardent revolutionaries and their work is still aesthetically fresh but a bit passe for this sneering post-modernist age. The real kitsch was the social-realist stuff.


    I have been looking everywhere for this Fabric since seeing it used in a TV makeover show.

    Do you know who makes it or where it is sold?

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