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    Kulibar Tree

    I was at school - in the same class - with Dr Romain about a million years ago.

    He struck me as an idiot then, and has done nothing in the intervening years to lessen the impression of being an intellectual lightweight.

    After hearing him on the Moral Maze recently, a friend succinctly summed him up as "an embarrassment": Melanie Phillips certainly wasted no time in demolishing his rather flimsy arguments against faith schools.



    As an atheist, and staunch defender of Israel, I am prepared to tolerate Jewish and Church schools because they provide a good education by protecting some of the essences of our shared culture against the depredations of the Left who have substituted the collective for God and seek to bring all down to a common denominator which ill prepares our children for the world they face and their future happiness.The BBC is slowly waking up to the realities of the war we are now fighting with Islam but cannot reconcile its instict to ban Muslim schools with its ferocious desire not to appear racist, the one media crime for which there is no forgiveness.Rather than do that, they think that the best thing to do is to close all faith schools(babies and bath water come to mind).Few people, especially politicians, have any understanding of Islam which defines itself with a denial of the sovereignty of this or any land and an allegiance solely to Allah and the desired and inevitable submission of all its citizens to Shariah law.

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