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    This obfuscation by the media is very odd, because the initial Reuters reporting made it quite clear that the women responded to a call from Hamas to come to the mosque to act as human shields. Hundreds obeyed the call and some were caught in the crossfire. It was Hamas' deliberate strategy of interposikng the women between themselves and the IDF that led to their deaths and injury. There is no question as to what actually happened.


    Why so surprised at the Guardian's Israel-hating take on recent events, Judy?

    They've been espousing this line for years now, together with the rest of the left wing Jew-Haters.

    Remember the pustulent fist decorated with Magen Davids which graced the recent Guardian 'reportage' of Israel defending herself against Iranian/Syrian aggression through its proxy Hezbollah?

    The problem's not with lack of accurate information. The problem is the hatred of Israel fashionable with the radical left, and its mouthpiece, the Guardian.


    The Israelis keep complaining that Hamas mitlnatis are using women and children as 'human shields'. Every time I hear that, I wonder: what if a gunman walked into a kindergarten class and took everyone there hostage? Does that mean the police would be justified in opening fire through the windows to take him out? Or maybe they could just toss a grenade in there, or even blow up the whole school for good measure?After all, we can't let some crazy gunman get away just because he's hiding behind a "human shield".

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