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    Martin Morgan

    I heard the PM interview too, and am pretty sure they said he was an ex-Klansman - although not the former Grand Wizard. I agree that the rabbi chunk was particularly disgraceful, born of ignorance and lack of research. The buffoon pretty much condemned himself with every word, at least.

    Alan Connor

    Listening to it now.

    Eddie Mair introduces the item, then says: "The conference has attracted a number visitors from around the world. Former Ku Klux Klan member David Duke denies that they're all Holocaust deniers."

    There's then a 23s stock rant from Duke about political correctness, and an interview where Eddie Mair challenges Moishe Aryeh Friedman on Iran, Holocaust denial and the conference.


    The BBC did not say anything about Duke's convictions for fraud or about the fact that he has published an obviously ravingly anti-semitic book. Nor did they indicate that he is an ex Grand Wizard of the Klan, not a mere member, and that he has continued to play a major role as a white supremacist activist.,

    In the case of the Rabbi, they did not give any indication that he was from a particular miniscule sect which is universally reviled, even by anti-zionist strictly orthodox groups as being totally out of step in allying with the enemies of the Jewish community. His was the only Jewish input on the topic. As I suggested, rather like inviting a Hizb ut Tahrir leader to speak on the programme as a Muslim, without giving the listeners any insight into which organization he represented and what that organization stands for.

    Martin Morgan

    For me, the elephant in the room on this kind of reporting is the failure to ask why Iran is suddenly so interested in promoting Holocaust denial. It's treated as if it's just one of those things. I'd like to hear an interview with the Israeli Arab who wanted to tell them the truth, too.



    There are probably a few reasons why the Muslim world is so obsessed with Holocaust denial and the dispossion of fellow Muslims to make way for a Jewish state is only one of them.

    Underlying it all is the core belief of Islam that the Jews and Christians distorted the word of God and cannot be trusted; they must be subjegated at the least if not "reverted" to Islam or irradicated from "holy Muslim lands". Nearly 1400 years of religious doctrine is likely to have contributed profoundly to the negative perception of Jews in the Muslim world.

    Then there's the element of seeking justification for persecuting their own Jewish populations in the last century, reducing it to virtually nil, and, as a result, directly increasing the Jewish population of Israel. (I guess nobody has pointed out to Mad Mahmoud that Israel is home to about 150,000 Persian Jews, including Shaul Mofaz and Moishe Katzov, so rather than creating a Jewish state in California or Europe...)

    "fudging numbers" is certainly something that modern Muslim states like to indulge in, so perhaps there's also an element of projecting going on here too. The PA was recently exposed for having grossly exagerated its population (by about a third as I recall) and an accountant friend who was working in Afghanistan in the 1970s under the aegis of the Cdn government tells me that depending on the purpose, the Afghan government would claim a population of between 5 million and 15 million -- quite a range.


    Neturei Karta - the scum of the Earth.

    Martin Morgan

    Oliver Kamm succinctly stated what the BBC's coverage and that of others has missed:

    "What is wrong with the Iranian conference is thus not that it's offensive, but that it's a fraudulent gathering designed to generate hatred through lies."


    As a (Catholic) kid who used to cut the grass for a rabbi in the Toronto area many years ago (one of the nicest men I ever knew and a survivor of the Warsaw Uprising) -

    As someone who walked through the gates of Auschwitz a couple of years ago on a very cold Polish morning to view where so many Jewish people perished (and the wall where one of my own, Father Maximilian Kolbe, was shot) -

    As someone who is tired of the ranting and the ranters and their ludicrous "Global Zionist Conspiracy" as well as all the intellectual "fellow-travellers" and their thinly disguised anti-Semitism -

    I have no use for the Holocaust-deniers whoever they are. A pox on them all.

    Having said that, I'm off to Ljubljana, Slovenia for Christmas.

    As a Canadian living in London, I would like you to know how much I've enjoyed reading your blog this year.

    Je vous souhaite - vous et votre famille - un Joyeux Hanoucca et une Bonne Année.



    Mary, I'm not sure where you live, but I live in Israel.1. All I said was that settlers shuold be paying attention.2. Not everyone out there is Netura Karta. Netura Karta is an organization, not a blanket phrase meaning anti-Zionist. 3. I, am a Zionist, but that does not mean I am not critical of the state. I am critical, and I am no fan.4. I believe very strongly that one shuold not believe ANYthing the mainstream media says about Haredim or settlers. We must have confirmation from other sources. For example, one Haredi paper claims that the child in question was dying of a terminal illness.I am more inclined to believe a Haredi than a Torah-basher.5. The bulk of the Haredi community is not the enemy. The Eruv Rav is.6. The settlers must get together with the Haredim, and leave the mamlakhtim in the dust. The haredi youth is ripe for listening, and for learning halacha regarding the land. We must teach them.

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