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    Lynne T

    What's the real provenance of the kefiya? I keep seeing a suggestion in the "checkered" pattern and fringes with a Jewish prayer shawl.


    It's a traditional Arab for men. No Jewish provenance there, other than a common Middle East heritage from which both garments are descended.


    Kafiyyehs on this side of the pond.

    Jonathan  Hoffman

    Here is my experience of leading IJV luminary and former Habonim chaver Mike Leigh. I went last year to Book Week to hear him speak. He believes in nothing and said he could not wait to have a bacon sandwich when he was young. He said he would not make a film in Israel but refused to say why.

    Yet he thinks he can write a play about a ‘typical’ Jewish family ("2000 years") (did you see it – the most over-rated thing ever).

    At the talk, I asked him a question - very politely - I asked if he thought it was "realistic" for a Jewish family to say ‘f*ck* every 2nd word (this is what happens in "2000 Years"). Especially not the Grandpa! (Mike Leigh is big on ""realism"").

    His response to my question? “F*ck off” – to tumultuous applause from the audience … pathetic .... IJV are welcome to him. Stephen Pollard was there and commented on his rudeness in his blog. To think I paid good money to listen to this creep.


    Perhaps you should try reading Philip Roth's "Writing About Jews", since Mike Leigh's answer was a little too compressed.

    I wish I could force a tear out for Howard Jacobson, who is besieged at talkfests. But clearly these people aren't just talking to themselves, if they are indeed so breathtakingly prevalent.

    Oh, and isn't the colour scheme of this blog a form of "low-level signification"?

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