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    More (flowers) for us, if you boycott :-)

    Lynne T

    No Israeli flowers, eh?

    Well, fair enough. After all, since Israel left Gaza to its own devices, there won't be any Gaza-grown flowers for us to boycott.


    Yeah, but the drums of the hatefest are louder, apparently.


    I can't imagine people this joyless (and detached from anything even approaching reality) would appreciate flowers, in any case. (So their "boycotting" them shouldn't have too much impact...)

    No doubt, if they have a garden, it is coated with concrete

    Jim West

    It's time for all right thinking Jews to recognise that Israel's policy in the West Bank is simply ethnic cleansing. Thousands of acres of land have been taken by Israelis. I don't believe that Israel has any intention of giving back the land stolen in the West Bank from Palestinian. But the world is taking notice, and just as in South Africa, justice will prevail.

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