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    Hip Gnosis

    "[Engage] ritually made claims that Israel was racist and oppressive."

    Judy, the link you provide in this sentence is confusing, as it appears to refer mostly to an article written by Shalom Lappin that you yourself praise. What you mean to refer to is surely whatever is behind the last link in the post of your own that you now link to – but that last link is now dead, Engage (with their characteristic practice of not letting the record stand if it doesn't suit them) having taken the offending article and comments off the air.

    Fred Beloit

    How dare the Israelis defend themselves from those who wish to wipe them out. How selfish. Leave it to the UK academics to straighten them out. It's the British Left thing to do, isn't it?

    jed nigtingale

    A boycott of Britain is justified, and long overdue. Britain is responsible for the death of thousands of innocent Iraquis, starting an ill-planned war, and not having any idea on how to end the civil war in Iraq . Britain will just leave Iraq in a few months, leaving the Middle East in a terrible state. In addition the intolerable Apartheid situation of Britain 's minority populations is just shocking. For all the boycott-fest that British academia has just unleashed on Israel , can someone tell me why there are so few minority professors, prime ministers, chiefs of staff, etc in Britain . British labor forces need to concentrate their efforts in breaking down the apartheid stranglehold that the British society has on its minorities that have suffered for several generations in despicable ghettos. Until these injustices are corrected, the world should boycott Britain , her institutions and her products.

    Jed Nightingale
    New York


    The boycott is a symptom of academic freedom going down hard, not from administrators or governments as we always complain, but from the very unions and faculty that are supposed to enable and protect it. Moreover for these so called “progressive” boycotters, boycotting Israel is easy (on many campus you may as well be voting against punching premature babies in the nose, the bias is against Israel-and-only-Israel is *that* pervasive). I fear that it’s also good field test of what could come. Who else and what other ideas will be regulated through the union pressure now that they are dominated by sanctimonious politically correct fascists?

    I have appreciated Engage's efforts. But I have been very disappointed in their need to be "the Left against the boycott" rather than be just be "against the boycott." Nothing all that wrong with being "Left." But they seem to have produced the image that only *they*, as leftists and progressives, have the moral gravitas to oppose the boycott. Worse still, sometimes they act as if it’s a trade union issue.

    For example, I just can't see them standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a university group of Conservatives in a debate against anti-progressive boycott advocates. I'm hardly conservative, but I'd do it in a heartbeat give then broader implications of a boycott against Israel-and-Only-Israelis-at-least-until-we-want-to-take-the-universe-out-on-someone-else.

    Academic Freedom must always be a party neutral matter. And by subcontracting things to a group that self-identifies with one end of the political spectrum, the ball may indeed be lost.

    David Frankfurter

    See Self-selection: anti-Semitic academics face extinction


    I agree about Engage looking silly bending over backwards to prove their Mid-East 'objectivity'. But why is it a 'soft Trotskyist group'? I think their natural home is Euston manifesto-type social-democracy

    Soft Trotskyist

    "And I'm pretty sure the motion I reported earlier in my post on the line-up of pro and anti-boycott motioneers, which was to compel any move to a boycott to be put to the whole UCU membership was lost."

    Wrong Judy.

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