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    I have had a most interesting exchange with the lady. I rewrote part of her article to target a different ethnic group and sent it off as a letter to the editor. My letter did not appear in The Independent. When I asked her whether she thought this was because the Independent's editors thought she (after all, I used her own words) was a rubbish writer or because they could recognize racism (when it was directed at non-Jews) her response was:

    "You really are totally ignorant about who edits letters. But you obviously think you are very clever so who am I to disabuse you? Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

    "PS I was not at all offended by your imitation, the best form of flattery"

    YAB has no clue, does she?

    International Observer

    Good blog.

    The level of anti-Zionism in the European left is frightening. Is it not simply disguised anti-Semitism? Has Europe ever stopped hating the Jews?


    Has Europe stopped hating Jews?
    No but the method of hatred has changed amongst the left. The prejudicial hatred can no longer be expressed directly because of several factors.
    1 The horror of the holocaust and its resultant guilt in the euro elite educated liberals.
    2 the new tolerance which teaches that all cultures are equivalent and that not to believe so is racist and homophobic.
    A state of Cognitive dissonance and frustration exists at no longer being to express public ally the guttural prejudices which are still present in liberal elites despite their "superior education".
    Sigmund Freud was big on displacement disorders in which frustrations are released by displacing them onto alternative or proxy targets which may even seem completely unrelated.
    Israel is often that target but sometimes Americans also. (Most Israeli haters hate them too).
    These targets are legitimate because a) they are safe and do not fight back and b) they are not minority cultures which would imply racism.
    The use of supremacist propaganda such as "the Jews rule the world " Jewish conspiracy"," the protocols" are used to ensure that Israel can be viewed as "all powerful" and therefore the obvious rules regarding the demonising of minorities cannot be upheld.


    A very interesting blog. Do you know if there is a Friends of Britain group in Israel at all? If so, it would be interesting to see what influence they have or how they are viewed in the local media.


    Regarding the first comment above, how can Alibhai-Brown, how could she think "sincerest form of flattery" be a clever riposte? The letter was obviously meant to show how racist she was.

    In any case, that paragraph of hers quoted in the post is beyond belief. It is so intellectually feeble and yet so heated. Frankly, it sounds as if it had been written by a 14-year-old. I have to say that you never see anything so infantile in the op-ed page of The New York Times. I'm not trying to toot any horn about American columnists...but, really, whether of the left or right, I've never seen them sink so low.

    Funny blogger

    Thanks for your support to Israel!

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