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    Homphobic Horse

    "the hatred of Jews so intense that they feel the need to attack the dead."



    The culprits should get a beating. That would put many off following their example.

    Homophobic Horse: if there were any graves of gay people desecrated, would you be less bothered?

    When are people like you going to understand that you cannot eliminate prejudice, until you have eliminated prejudice?


    Its surprising that the British war memorial has lasted so long really given that the men lying there are directly responsible for the misery inflicted on the Palestinians these last 90 years.

    The restraint of the locals is rather admirable.


    againstthewall - thanks for reminding us again that Palestinian Arabs can/must never bear moral responsibility for their actions, but are always mere puppets on the strings of history, jerked this way and that by the rest of the world. You're so right: every time a Palestinian Arab straps on explosives to kill mothers in a restaurant or aims a rocket towards a civilian Israeli town, he is morally innocent, and a British soldier dead for over a century bears "direct responsibility" for the bloodshed. I feel sorry for you - living in a world where foreigners who don't impinge on your life ("the locals" as you revealingly call them) can be stripped of their human and moral faculties in order that they fit more neatly the simplistic ideological templates that furnish your mind. I am a Northern Irish catholic, but if during the troubles I had decided to blow apart human beings in a shopping centre in Manchester, history would be no excuse for my actions. You are exhibiting ignorant racism: Palestinian Arabs here and now are as fully human as you are, and when they choose to kill non-combatant civilians they alone bear complete moral responsibility for their action, just as I would, just as you would.

    And if you really are determined to see the Palestinian Arabs as so mentally and morally retarded that they cannot assume any responsibility for their actions, to blame fallen soldiers rather than political leaders for the course of history is spectacularly stupid, and reveals you to be more of a fool than I should even be responding to.



    are you having a fucking laugh? the british did everything they could post 1930 to STOP a jewish state in Palestine!



    The pro-Palestinian terrorists would not spare you or your loved ones, as Westerners, as they regard you as being of the same corrupt, inferior body as anyone outside of their creed. At best you would be one of their leaders' useful idiots.

    Do you think that all will be peace and tranquility after they have destroyed Israel? They call Israel the "Little Satan". You are part of the "Great Satan". They are sentient, and driven, and have an entirely different world view to you, and you are also their enemy, whether there is an Israel or not, and whether you support them or not. Rather than quoting Koran, Sunnah, Hadith and history to you, you would do yourself favours if you educate yourself.

    Or you can continue to be an arrogant turkey that votes for Christmas.


    It's been a difficult few days. In avcnade of Dec. 20th I dread remembering the morning I found him. The day of I feel sad for all the things we didn't get to together, especially Christmas. Afterwards, I'm inspired by the love people have shown us and him. Two years after his passing, the Alexander Michael Dodson Memorial Scholarship Fund has $53,646 in it and is funding 10 Trenton kids to go to an educational summer camp. Every day, kids play in the Alexander Michael Dodson Tot Lot Playground in our neighborhood. I know that every day our friends think about him and that every hour we do. I know that every other tragedy in life is small in comparison. Best of all I have great memories of Upside Down Alexander, of reading Where The Wild Things ARe and Cat in the Hat. I remember how beautiful a child he was. I remember changing him and bathing him. Most of all I remember how he would race towards the door when I came home from work. I'll never forget how much I looked forward to him tearing around the corner to see me.


    This breaks my heart, I'm so very sorry for your loss.You'll be able to find dtrcoaeions like you mentioned at any novelty shop/toy store/florist and even $2 shops. I hope you have someone you can grieve with and talk to. My thoughts will be with you for days after reading yourquestion.

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