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    If I were an elector in London and didn't care for Boris Johnson for whatever reason, I still wouldn't vote for Ken Livingstone, who has shown himself for the dangerous ideologue that he is for decades. (See Nick Cohen's "What's Left" and recent blog post). I'd vote for the Liberal Democrat regardless of his chances as there is nothing more chastening to a politician than nearly losing political office. And there's nothing better to encourage a worthy political outsider to compete in the next elections than the knowledge that the likes of Ken Livingstone can't rely on party affiliation to save his less than distinguished career.


    Ken is a disaster.

    He taxes to spend on his press office.

    He does nothing about crime.

    Ruins public transport and lets tube prices go sky high.

    Get Ken out.

    Vote Boris

    David Boothroyd

    Ken may have said some dodgy things and appeared on platforms with some strange people, but that is really all froth compared with the business of running London. It's all very well for the relatively well-off to withhold their vote from the Labour candidate because of irrelevant foreign policy issues, because they are not going to suffer in overcrowded flats waiting for affordable housing which a Conservative Mayor would never build.

    The Mayor of London does not have any foreign policy responsibilities.



    Maybe someone should point that out to Ken (i.e. no foreign policy responsibilies).


    Could I repeat a point I am making on a number of other blogs becasue for me it is the clincher and one insufficiently aired.

    Livingstone is best known perhaps in his self assumed role as promoter of a multi cultural London. He particpates in anti racist campaigns and "cuddles up" to various ethnic minority communities.

    Now, if he were not that, if he were someone like say, the Duke of Edinburgh to whom racial insensitivity seems innate, one might be more inclined to put his remarks to Jewish journalists and Jewish arcchitects down to just that - insensitivity (Boris Johnsons use of "piccaninies" seems to me to comeinto that category - closer to what he had to say abut Liverpudlians than crass racism).

    But Livingstone is not like that is he? As I said, he sells himself as an active multi culturalist. So if he makes this kind of remark and doesn't even have the grace to apologise one starts to smell a rat.

    If I might take an anlogy, I dont care too much for the modern prediliction for mass kissing at social functions or hand shaking at business ones. However, if my cheek is the only ne unkissed, my hand the only one unshaken I start to think people don't like me. If amidst all this bonhomie people don't say sorry for treading on my toe or even talk to me, I will simply take myself off home.

    Sorry but Livingstome will not be getting this Labur Party member's vote.


    In the meantime "court Jews" in The Guardian:

    A list of people I recommend for the firing wall! Letters: We're not celebrating Israel's anniversary | World news | The Guardian


    "...or provoke war with Portsmouth with a chance remark."

    Wait a minute: Wasn't it Ken Livingstone who has a tendency to make stupid and offensive remarks off the cuff?

    Brooker has that tone I've seen in some British writing. He evidently thinks he's funny, but lines that might work when delivered while speaking, especially at a comic pace, don't work very well when written. In print, they just come off as juvenile.


    This website is useful for individuals who are searching prayers and novenas and all.


    These prayers help me to keep God in my life, especially with the many distractions I encounter.


    What's all this fantasy about Ken keeipng bus fares at 90p..?I have to pay a32.00 just to go down one hill because I am on the outskirts of London at the end of the bus line. Another example of Ken being totally out of touch with Greater London. I have to pay the same amount that some people pay for a journey across the whole borough.Also, next time Ken decides to send double-decker night buses to Greater London every half an hour throughout the early hours, could he actually make sure people will use them and maybe consult local residents first to see if they're wanted. All they do is keep us awake. No-one is on them. TfL's reply was that it would cost too much money to split the route up. I have that in writing too. Well thanks TfL.The tiny lanes not fit to carry the day buses every 8minutes and night buses every half an hour are having to be repaired from our council tax.And yet Ken banned lorries reversing down his road because of their annoying reverse alarms.. Kens reign is over..


    i dont think traffic jams on ofxord street can be blamed completely on bendy-busses but yer i was almost forced into a bollard on camberwell green the other week n me bike. However I think there must be other ways of making them more cycle friendly than scrapping a fleet of completely new buses. cyclists and bendy-busses get on just fine in paris and i dont see why they couldn't here. and what's more from the passenger experience there nice to travel on. i think they have alot of unjustified bad press whipped up by boris and the standard! honestly scrapping them would be the biggest waste of money ever and there are so many more important and pressing issues facing london. and he's going to replace them with a bus that hasn't even been prototyped yet! my arse!

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