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    Charoses ice cream, what's not to like? Apples, cinnomon and walnuts.

    But for Hanuka, there's nothing quite like a really good vanilla or burnt almond ice cream topped with a compote of dried figs, apricots, prunes and raisins infused with spices, port wine and orange juice and a sprinkle of slivered almonds.


    Ummmm...I'm a from a ground almond rather than a walnut tradition. I will offer toasted hazelnuts as a topping for those who want it. Chanuka...maybe a deep fried ice cream of some sort. Haven't thought of how to do it, though...


    This pie would probably take cloesr to 45 minutes. You have to really learn time and temperature, one of the biggest things my chefs at school would instill in us time and again when we asked HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE!? They would say, UNTIL ITS DONE! This way you learn what to look for, and time is no longer a dictator, but rather a guide. When you jiggle this pie, the center should not be liquidy at all.

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