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    I wonder if Zbigniew Brzezinski thinks that only Polish-Americans should comment on US foreign policy while people with Scots-Irish names like McCain should keep their traps shut or if he feels that only Zbigniew Brzezinski knows what's good for America?

    John Meredith

    I don't see anything exceptional in these comments. He is not using 'Jewish Lobby' as some do as a euphemism for 'Jews' or 'International Jewry' or some such, but criticising the activities of a particular political lobbying body, much as I might criticise the lobby for the US sugar corporations. You can be very pro-Israel and very anti-AIPAC at the same time and without any painful intellectual contortions.



    The trouble is that he is criticizing people for advocating for causes that have to do with where they (or most likely their ancestors' ancestors) were from. In the US, we're all from somewhere else. Zbig's family is from Poland. Mine came from Russia. Our neighbor's Dad is from Iran. Barack's Dad is from Kenya. John M's people are from Scotland and Ireland. So my neighbor cares about our policy vis a vis Iran; Obama cares about our policy vis a vis Kenya; McCain I don't know about; I care about our policy vis a vis Israel; and it is highly possible that Zbig cares about our policy vis a vis Poland. Is this wrong?

    Not at all.

    It's a cacophohy of voices, sure but it's not wrong or anti-American or anything like that. We are the most diverse nation on the face of this earth, bar none and the reason we are so Peacefully diverse is that we respect one another's right to care about our heritage.




    Note that both Zbig and the author quoting him call AIPAC a JEWISH lobby, not a pro-Israel or Zionist lobby. The implication is that non-Jewish Americans do not support Israel or are not members of AIPAC. Neither assumption is true, and the assumption says a great deal about those who mindlessly obsess about the supposed nefarious powers of the evil Zionist Lobby.


    The moment ZB complained about the excessive power of the Jewish community, he revealed his antisemitic position. Quite simple, really.

    Obama has a track record with such people. Only blind groupies - and Gene is one spectacular example, as his heavy-handed behaviour towards Obama's critics at HP shows - refuse to see this.


    Perhaps Newt has overstepped the litmis of human decency by suggesting these people need a bath and a job. Communism has always welcomed those who don't want to work, at least that is what these people have been led to believe. Yes, Marxism welcomes the lazy talentless people with open arms and provides them with a bullet to the back of the head enough room to spend eternity with other non-productive in a mass grave. Marxism works so well t can well afford to take care of the useless and untrained workers who want to be parasites and free loaders.These poor saps think Capitalism is a cold hard system; they should spend some time in a workers' paradise and see how much the workers actually enjoy paradise. LOL They should see how many of those Marxist workers would give anything for an opportunity to take part in this Capitalist Hell.Reply

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