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    actually, the position of the "ultra-left" and "soft-left" in the UK today seems to me very much like the position of the UK govt and the EU. The UK & EU supply great sums of money to the palestinian authority and all sorts of political action/propaganda outfits that work within the framework of the PA. Thereby the EU and UK help fund anti-Israel terrorism. Clearly, the SWP and other "leftist" outfits want Israel destroyed. But how does that differ from the EU and UK positions. Bat Ye'or, I assume that you're familiar with her Eurabia, says that destruction of Israel is a EU purpose. So the "left" works for the same purpose as the imperialists. It may be that "ultra-left", anti-Israel groups get political direction from UK govt psywar experts.

    Now the "Left" shows little concern for workers or the "working class," which they used to claim was their main concern. They don't care that Arab terrorists murder Jewish workers in Israel or that foreign workers in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf princedoms are badly treated, indeed economically exploited. But the "Left" doesn't seem to care about exploitation and slavery perpetrated by Arabs.

    Further, Lenin defined imperialism as the the highest stage of capitalism and as essentially finance capital. By this definition, the many super-rich Arabs and the kings and sheiks and emirs, etc. are imperialists. They hold huge amounts of finance capital or capital tout court.


    Dear Mr Weiss, and interesting and very sad sign of just how slow prgsreos really is. It is telling that the unrepentant supporters of Israel consider that boycott is wrong, and yet it is their first tool when dealing with anybody who is not 100% with them. Personally, I no longer consider Israel to be a legitimate' state. I was sadly convinced of this, not directly by the Palestinian arguments, but by the speech and actions of Mr Desh, particularly during his vile attack on Norman and everybody else who doesn't follow the line. He convinced me beyond doubt that he and his client state had no moral basis.I have been trying to think of a parallel case where an empire was so blindly set on some particular course that it would deliberately attack and undermine loyal allies and its own interests over simple disagreement. A stupid quest. Of course, as everybody here already knew, there are so many examples that it is impossible to keep count. Here, in my adoptive country downunder, we are committing crimes in Afghanistan for no better reason than that, as I now read from wikileaks, we would be seen as disloyal. I don't remember ever being offered the choice or any opportunity to vote on this, but doubtless our leaders' are at least partly correct. The example of the destruction of Rhodes was doubtless foremost in their minds.What I have not been able find is an example of unconditional support for over two thirds of century for an ally that violates international agreements and repeatedly murders our citizens without apology or redress. Any suggestions or examples, dear Colleagues?


    I have just heard that UCU has been forced to call off its legal acoitn against IfL. Not sure if it is to do with the financial position UCU is in or if the court threw the case out, but whatever I understand they have been forced to abandon the case.Anyone know more. FE Week, this seems to be more than a suspension of the current legal proceedings.

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