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    I'm afraid there is an essential problem in talking of Hamas violations of international law etc. The problem is this: Hamas do not recognise international law, neither are they a state recognised by Israel, therefore they cannot recieve sanctuary under international law.
    In the old terminology of empire days, Hamas are "rebels" or "bandits", lawless criminals. The old fashioned approach was to invade, capture their leaders and publically hang them.
    Did it work? Oh yes.


    As far as I can tell there is a hierarchy of vlioence.For Jewish racists and non-Jewish Judeophiles, crimes against Jews are heinous while crimes against Palestinians barely count at all.Don't give me this nonsense that Israeli Jews want to live in peace with their neighbors. I worked on and off in the Occupied Territories for about 10 years and before that with the Israeli military industrial complex. My most prominent relative in the Israeli government was Zvulun Hammer. I have a fairly good idea what Israeli government goals are.Please read . The problem was not Palestinian rejectionism but their willingness to compromise.Generally, Judenstaat is mistranslated into English and into Hebrew. It is the analogue of Rechstaat or state under the rule of law. The connotation of Judenstaat in the German of Herzl's time period was a state that privileges Jews.If Israeli Jews want peace, they must return return the country and property they stole and restore residence rights to the vast majority of the native population, whom Zionist militias ethnically cleansed.

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