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    Hi Judy - I came here because I always visit people profiled at The Fabulous Norm blog.

    Sympathy and empathy for your daughter re the fright she got from the Body Shop sample - caveat emptor indeed.

    I get the whole scary allergic reaction to a FRUIT, and it's embarrassing to have to ask
    "has kiwifruit ever even touched this food I am going to eat?"

    Plants are chemicals, sometimes scary chemicals - heroin starts out as a FLOWER for godssake.

    best regards and good luck to you


    Thanks for the good wishes--and I really like your own nom de blog. I'm mildly allergic to kiwi fruits myself, though not enough to stop me from eating them in small doses.


    Body Shop: caring about animals, careless about people I’m a fan of the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Face Mask.

    I also have a nut allergy and The Body Shop have told me "they can not guarantee any of their products are free from nuts". Most companies have a list of product information that covers what has nuts in and what hasn't. Why is it so hard for The Body Shop to do the same? I use to be a Virgin Vie consultant and we were given a guide with loads of information on all the products. Through reading this I found the strangest things contain nuts. It even gave consultant information on what other names were used for nuts (botanical names I think it’s called) so we could be doubly sure. I always made sure I could advise my client on which product are safe or not. The Body Shop is a massive company with branches all over. It's so simple but they just can not provide us with the information we need. They have just coped out and given a general answer! "Caring about animals, careless about people" I totally agree with this statement! What can we do to fix this problem? I Love The Body Shop’s fruity collection products such as the body butters (All have Shea Nut in) and body washes, body shimmers. Apart from Avon is there any others out there selling products similar to The Body Shop?

    efusjon reviews

    great info. i will suggest Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Face Mask to a friend. i'm sure she'll like this one.
    --efusjon reviews

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