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    Jonathan  Hoffman

    "one does not ransom captives for more than their value because of Tikkun Olam"

    Three observations:

    1. It is impossible to establish 'value' in such a case (I speak as an economist)

    2. I don't think lawyers could have helped to reach the handover decision

    3. The most moral way to make the decision was the way that the Cabinet chose: to assess public opinion and act accordingly. 60% of Israelis supported the decision. Ideally there would be a referendum of all adult Israelis who have served (or will do so) in the IDF, plus their immediate families - but that's impractical

    May the Goldwasser and Regev families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem


    For those interested in in expressing their condolences to the Regev and Goldwasser families, please visit:


    I agree with the vast majority of what you say. But I don't agree the Palestinians will back out of the Peace arnmeeegt. They will wait until the facts are on the ground. They have 95% of the West Bank. then..and only then, they will find a pretext to do with the Temple Mount to declare another intifada. They will have all these concessions in 'concrete', the high ground, and what have they offered in return? Peace. Which will quickly be pulled away under another pretext.The sad thing is the Western World is so delusional, they believe the Pals want peace. They don't want peace , they want Israel, and they will do what they have to in the interim to get it.You think withdrawal from Gaza had empty promises?AaronVisit:


    This is truly sad and tragic. I susepct the center you describe is one I visited and played basketball myself in the past (Deane Hill Drive?). Growing up I knew several Jewish families. Many were on my swim team.They were all some of the best people I've ever known. I never had a bad experience with any of them. I was also taught at the Catholic grade school I attended a great deal of respect for the Jewish people. I am quite upset with the current Pope's position on the current conflict.The aims of the radical Islamists is nothing short of genocide. I don't now why some of the leftists can't recognize this. Or maybe, as you suggest, they are anti-Semitic. At best, they have grossly misplaced sympathies.


    Hi: I am a catholic man with a jewsih wife. Though both religions tend to take a proprietary interest in the offspring of their flocks, my wife and I decided to let the children decide. Our oldest is more or less christian by choice. My middle child--11 years old--is jewsih. I walk him through the security check points you describe at his camps and temple and hebrew school. The mixture of anger and fear this creates in me is vexxing. I, too, hope the friday shooting was isolated; but, somehow, I doubt it.

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