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    Sadly, the Telegraph - which used to be the one broadsheet which took some trouble to be objective in its reporting of the Middle East conflict - has, under its Middle East correspondent Tim Butcher (who also broadcasts pieces hostile to Israel on the BBC, natch, yet another mouthpiece of chattering class demonisation of Israel.

    What a shame.


    My letter to them just now:

    Sir, According to Ms Wheeler, Hussam Dwaith’s family a young Russian-Jewish girl, “…she lived here in his [Hussam Dwaith’s] parents' house with him, she stayed for a month”. Presumably it was during that month that Mr Dwaith brutally raped her—a fact that Mr Dwaith’s family do not mention although they dwell on the repercussions of that rape and Mr Dwaith’s drug use: "The problems started after he was in jail. After he came out of jail, he was always alone. He is a good man but after prison, he was confused and nervous," his cousin said.

    In other words, Mr Dwaith’s family is OK with him raping a young girl but not OK with him going to prison for it. Wouldn’t that make them accessories at the least?

    And what does it say for The Telegraph that your paper feels that the brutal rape of a young girl is too minor a detail to put into your human interest story about a terrorist?


    Where did they get that she was a young Russian? I saw her talking on TV (they just showed her from the back). She didn't look or sound in any way Russian, or particularly young for that matter. She said they were together for six and a half years and she had even considered becoming Muslim for him. That was probably before he started beating her up and raping her.


    By the way, Dwaith's father says he wasn't a terrorist, but a drug addict, a problem son who had never given him a moment's rest. He called the authorities to check what was in his son's blood.

    Apparently, Dwaith never went to the mosque nor was he in any way interested in politics. There is a possibility he was not a terrorist, but a violent, drug-crazed criminal. However, it was announced that it was a terrorist attack, so perhaps the police/shabak know something they're not telling us.

    BTW, a new 'Human Right's' bill in Israel has recently completely blocked what was previously an already limited ability for non-state employers to check a potential employee's criminal record. Dwaith's employer had no way of knowing this man was a drug user who had been to prison for violence. If the employer had known this, he probably wouldn't have been let loose on the main streets of Jerusalem with a bulldozer.


    MInd you the story about the young mother with the baby he murdered is so cold0hearted, it couldn't have been done in a drug-induced violent fit: He saw she wanted to drive into the parking lot, so he backed up, and gestured her to cross into the lot. When she drove forward he put his foot down and smashed into her car. She was killed. Her little baby survived the wreckage.

    Muslims Against Sharia

    Muslims Against Sharia unequivocally condemn murderous attack in Jerusalem.

    We call for swift extermination of all terrorist groups that claimed responsibility for this attack.

    We implore Israeli government not to provide financial help for the family of the murderer. Any such help will be an open invitation for future attacks.

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