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    Olmert has not picked this word out the blue. It's widely used by serving IDF soldiers in the West Bank to describe attacks by settlers on Palestinian civilians.


    That doesn't make it any more right or excusable. I wonder if the particular soldiers who do that those who are influenced by the rhetoric of Ha'aretz and similar sources. I find it difficult to believe that those soldiers who are actually from the West Bank, or those who are religious or those do not regard "the settlers" as an alien entity would be so ready to use the word.


    Are you kidding with this description of Olmert as "right of centre"? Centrists and right-wingers have long considered him to be on the fringe-left.

    He was elected on a single policy (which he was unable to effect) of giving away the West Bank. At the moment he has resigned, been voted out by his own party, and yet still he is holding talks with Damascus about giving away the Golan Heights. There's nobody in the centre (and definitely nobody on the right!) who would support such talks in the current climate.


    You DON'T think that having rocks lobbed at you is sufficient reason for attacking the perpetrators???!!! Maybe they should have cowered in a corner, closed their eyes, put their fingers in their ears and hoped the Arabs would go away? Then Olmert would have had another real pogrom to ignore.

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