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    Philip I

    The world should listen to this wise Israeli.


    "The wise Israeli" referred to in the previous comment is Jeff Halper, whose self-aggrandizing delusions can be deduced from the extracts below from a review of his political activities.

    As a result of his joining the currently fashionable gesture politics stunt of sailing a boat to Gaza, he has now received a Palestinian passport and citizenship.

    Jeff Halper is the head of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. He is the author of An Israeli in Palestine. He lives in Jerusalem.

    You recently took part in the Free Gaza movement and successfully reached Gaza by boat with others activists, journalists and human rights workers from around the globe. How did you get involved in such an initiative and why was it important for you to take part?

    As an Israeli and the head of an Israeli peace organization (ICAHD – The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions), I was asked by the Free Gaza Movement organizers to take part in their action to Break the Siege of Gaza by sailing two boats from Cyprus to Gaza City port. I agreed because this was a non-violent political action; breaking the siege and by implication highlighting Israel’s responsibility for it (which it tries to shrug) fit into ICAHD’s mission, to end the Israeli Occupation completely. Had this been defined as a humanitarian mission I would not have participated, since the so-called “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza is not the result of some natural calamity, but of a deliberate policy of Israel – plus the US, Europe and Japan, it must be said, and aided by Egypt – to break the will of the Palestinians to resist and to replace the democratically elected government of Hamas by a collaborationist regime more amenable to Israeli control.

    Ah, yes. The democratically elected government of Hamas. Of course, I'm sure that Halper doesn't for a moment recognise that the people of Gaza are therefore responsible for the consequences of electing a regime whose commitment to "resistance" with rockets, suicide bombs and kidnappings have brought their present tragedy upon them.

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