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    Well said and I for one totally agree with the singular exception rearding the analogy with the Palestinian Arabs of Gaza.
    It is well documented that many were 'urged' to vote for Hamas at the point of a gun. I'm sure that the average PA just wants o live a peaceful lifeand bring up their kids in peace and safety.
    I've often wondered though why this group of professional 'refugees' dont simply emigrate to the likes of Jordan (created at the same time as Israel and grabbed the area on the west bank)and Egypt (whose territorial land-grab of 1948)created the ghetto of the Gaza Strip. The PA I'm afraid are hostages to their Umma in the ME.

    David T

    I wonder whether there's a danger of the main parties so losing respect, that they collapse.

    Perhaps not now, but at some point.

    Hanoi Paris Hilton

    Angus, the reputable polling shows that the clear majority of the Palis are nowhere near willing to live and let live with the Israelis.

    Other than that, Adlo's contribution was spot on. From my perch in Deepest Amerika, the high-minded Brit left's hair-up-ass with the BNP smacks of the Weimar good socialist thugs who delighted in street brawling with the evil fascist thugs, until it became more convenient to simply move over to their side.


    HPH The Palestinian Arabs are now into the third generation of dupes of the world wide afilliations Islamists who will ceaselessly drive towards the anihilation of the state of Israel.
    Hamas in particular rails against the PLO (now known as Fatah) and the legitimised Palstinian Authority which favoured a two state solution.
    Fatah was ousted by force from Gaza by Hamas paramilitaries. The every-day average Joe/Mo I maintain, even if they only have half a brain between them, wants to live in peace. However peace is the last thing the Islamists want. The 'Palestinians' plight, is their tethered goat. Without this common cause*, the so called unity of purpose of the creation of a global Caliphate(* a rare comodity amongst the Arabs throughout hisory)would be non-existant or a least extremely difficult.

    Hanoi Paris Hilton

    True true true. But the polling numbers still say that the Palis would rather not have a state at all, rather than to peaceably accept a permanently-Jewish Israel next door. Check out the interview with the so-called Pali ambassador to Lebanon which appeared on Melanie Phillips's blog yesterday.

    Sol Walsh

    "Commit to reducing the number of MPs by half in time for the next election."

    That would only work if you ended the tradition of constituency MPs, of MPs being available to people in their constituencies, holding surgeries, being expected to live in their constituencies, etc. Which might not be a bad thing. To be honest, we could save even more money by doing away with constituencies altogether (no more need for the Boundary Commission). Have MPs elected by PR from regional lists. Then we could slash the number in half easily.

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