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    Yasin Akgun

    an entirely poor article. if it took you six decades of opinions to come up with an article like that then I shudder to think what you were saying two decades ago.


    Given where you're coming from, you would say that, wouldn't you? Try engaging with the arguments....

    Independence Home

    This article is so obviously written by somebody whose view of UKIP is that as painted by the media and not that of somebody with knowledge of the party.

    UKIP is not anti-immigration, nor is it anti-cooperation. We favour something akin to the Council of Europe rather than political union. We believe that every piece of legislation should be approved by national Parliaments, and not that we should be part of a federal political system.

    What exactly can Libertas MEPs do to reform? They will not have power to change institutions as these can only be changed by treaty, requiring national governments.

    Ichabod Crane

    Dear Judy,

    I'm posting under a pseudonymn (obviously).

    I've tried several times (in my real identity) over the past year to reach you by email, but haven't received a reply probably due to overzealous spam filters, so I'll try it this way.

    A number of years ago (2005? 2006? don't remember) we had a very nice exchange of emails. I also posted a few comments on this blog.

    The thing is that I did so under my real name, and I am now, out of the usual privacy and security concerns, wishing to have those posts either removed or at least renamed to a pseudonymn. (All the other blogs where I made the naive mistake of posting under my name have now done this for me; Adloyada is the only one that is left because I’ve not been able to get in touch with you.) So I am writing to ask you to please do this for me – I shall be extremely gratefuL

    If you reply by email to the address I am providing with this post, I will tell you who I am (you will remember me) and then I very much hope that you will do this favour for me.

    Thanks very much in advance,


    Term Paper

    Thanks a lot for a bunch of good tips. I look forward to reading more on the topic in the future. Keep up the good work! This blog is going to be great resource. Love reading it.


    You say UKIp is a one issue party yet you have voted for the Greens.
    You say UKIP would bring around an economic dead end yet you vote Libertas. You say UKIP would get no votes if the three main parties pulled their finger out and yet you think that Libertas or the Greens will.

    Judging by your record you are not politically Savvy, yet you think you have a right to comment on UKIP when you haven't read the Manifesto, because if you did you would soon realise UKIP is so much more than a one issue party. Fine you don't agree churchill should be on the poster but thats no reason to comment on other subjects you clearly know nothing about.


    Sadly, Nick Griffin and Nigel Farage haven't emerged in the run-up to the European eleoitcns they have hung around like an awful stench for a long time.Thanks, John, for reminding me about Chris Lightfoot's political compass. Unfortunately it is now a bit out of date. It's a shame we can't see what Chris Lightfoot would have come up today.My results are:Crime and punishment, internationalism: -4.6Economics, etc: 2.9Or fairly internationalist and rehabilitationist and fairly free-market and pro-war .I can't find my result from 2005 (though admittedly I haven't looked very hard), but I seem to remember being roughly the same on the x-axis, but more socialist and anti-war.


    I keep warning you, the BNP are ineasrcing their vote share every year. They will take votes from all parties unless something is done to halt the tide of immigrants coming to this country. We can't sustain the current trend and most level headed people know it.

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