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    Agree with most of that. I don't despise UKIP or Farage as much as you do, though I think of them as pretty light on Policy. Bercow's Leftish stance, which made him the ideal candidate for a chagrined PLP, also makes him the ideal target for UKIP.

    At the root of all this is Labour's visceral hatred for all things Tory, and their desire to pollute as much of the public space as possible with Liberal-Left Metropolitan Neo-Marxist values. It was Labour who politicised the position of Speaker, first when it was the "Tory's turn" to elect an incompetent class warrior, and then Bercow.

    Tim H

    "nominally Tory but actually Labour-leaning"

    LOL, if John Bercow can be described as Labour-leaning, party politics really has ceased to have any meaning at all and you might as well flip a coin to decide which one you vote for.


    I think UKIP seems to be light on policy, even though I am a huge Eurosceptic, and feel the has cost the British taxpayer way more, than the UK has ever gained for membership of the EU.

    A totally unecessary level of largely unlected bureaucracy.

    In that respect I'd like to see that policy of the UKIP succeed.

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