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    OK, let me get this straight:

    A television program denouncing pro-Zionist lobbyists has as its star an influential pro-Arab lobbyist?

    I think the British really do have a talent for irony.

    I started watching the program online, and I couldn’t stomach it. The narrator spoke in such an exaggerated tone of voice that the old American anti-Red films from the 1950s seem tame by comparison.


    Unfortunately, Joanne, the vast majority of the people who watched this programme will have had no idea that Sir Richard Dalton is a Director of the Libyan British Business Council and a close colleague, presumably a fellow lobbyist of Oliver Miles and his MEC International lobby group.

    Most British viewers will just have seen him as a distinguished former UK ambassador who was knighted for his work on behalf of his country. They will have had no idea of the basis on which he spoke or his obvious financial interests.

    Most British people have no idea that so many of our former Ambassadors go on to become paid mouthpieces of some of the world's nastier dictatorships after they leave office. They regard them as noble and trustworthy public servants.

    But don't some US Ambassadors go on to do the very same? And what about ex President Carter? Hasn't his receipt of vast sums from Arab regimes for his Centre had some influence in his current role in damning Israel as an apartheid state? And in his lobbying for Hamas to be recognised as a legitimate political interlocutory by the US and the west?


    "Well funded" too I bet!


    "Quite a few ex-Ambassadors take up part time consultancy for dubious regimes after they leave their posts."

    Makes you wonder just how loyal to the Crown they were when they were still Ambassadors...

    Can we presume that Miles would also object to, say, a Muslim member of the inquiry? Ha!


    Further to my last comment, it would be a considerable coup if the dear ex-Ambassador were put on the spot by a quick-witted journalist and bluntly asked whether he would be against a Muslim member.

    A "yes" would nicely skupper his Arab lobbying career; a "no" would display his obvious bias and put paid to any shred of credibility on his part.

    But I'm not holding my breath on that.

    Right to Return

    Zionist Jews who supported the Iraqi war have 40% of the comittee membership.

    Just imagine, madam, the stink the powerful Zionist lobby would kick up if 40% of the committee members were pro-Palestinian activists.

    Right to Return

    By the way what is your problem with the video?

    It seems extremely likely that there was a miscarriage of justice in the Megrahi case.


    Oliver Miles was right about one thing so far: Martin Gilbert was the fool in predicting that Bush and Blair might go down in history as another Roosevelt and Churchhill...good grief. Sounds like Gilbert and Freedman proved out to be lobbyists for Zionist anti-Arab activities in their support for war. At least Miles is upfront in his lobbying for peaceful relations with Arab nations.

    At least Miles is upfront in his lobbying for peaceful relations with Arab nations
    Miles is never upfront about his role of paid lobbyist for such regimes as Gaddafi's Libya. He always presents himself as a former UK Ambassador, though these days he lies for countries like Gaddafi's Libya and not for the UK. He's not lobbying for peaceful relations, but much more for unlimited arms sales and opposition to the continuing existence of Israel.

    As for your accusations about Gilbert and Freedman, you've demonstrated your own anti-semitism by simply arguing from the fact that they are Jewish that they are "lobbyists fro Zionist anti-Arab acitivities in their support for war". This is an absolutely classic anti-semitic canard, that anyone who supports the intervention and war in Iraq is simply a tool of a controlling zionist conspiracy out to attack Arabs.


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