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    As to the question What's the cotoecninn between the Occupy movement and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? the only real cotoecninn is that a number of small local organizations that have particular perspectives in the I/P conflict have asked their members and friends and contacts to meet at the site of the local Occupy protest/occupation {e.g., Boston}, and participate in their own demonstration/protest. But then a lot of diverse groups are going to these local Occupy sites to do their own thing. They are neither supported by nor opposed by the local Occupy groups, which from what I can tell don't have any means by which to either support or oppose these activities. When the Jewish Labor Committee marched as part of a New York City rally of trade unionists and others in support of the occupy protesters, we met a few folks marching there who were speaking about some someaht obsure economic proposal. Turned out they were Lyndon LaRouche folks, and they had a table with their stuff. What's the cotoecninn between the Occupy movement and the Lyndon LaRouche folks?

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