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    This is going to end in tears, and not just in France, in fact I am surprised that Euroland has survived as long as it has.

    I suggest that the Left, the OWS crowd and the likes of Balls, Blanchflower and Krugman form a Summer Party. Its primary manifesto pledge would be the abolition of Winter. It has about as much chance of that as has the latest crop of elected politicians of achieving even the minimum of what they have promised.

    I am reminded of Peter Oborne's "Guilty Men", in which he bemoans the takeover of the FT by leftists. This has meant that the most sober and dispassionate organ of financial probity now spouts Keynsian fantasies. And the BBC is unable to tell Ed Balls that he is a ludicrous troll, even if they wanted to.

    Small wonder that with the dearth of sober and well informed criticism, the electorate thinks that the facile innumerate drivel now coming from the likes of Hollande is even the slightest degree credible. Not until the Right gets sufficiently angry with all this rubbish and vehemently tells us all the truth will anything happen. I fear that will not happen until the Titanic has hit the iceberg.


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