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    Cracking post.

    Spot on with the assessment. Those of us who have been through a child-centered, learn at your own pace, type of education have been really let by 'educationalists' of the Left.


    Interesting post, thank you.

    I remember our much loved scout leader Meidad told us about this school in a scout meet when I was about fourteen. I wasn't greatly impressed even though I hated school (Meidad was later killed in the army when his jeep went over a landmine in 1982, but had planned a career in education). It was the first I'd heard of democratic schools.

    Since then they've pretty much taken off in Israel, maybe because private education is very much restricted here, unless you are ultra-religious, and democratic schools are one of the few alternative options for secular kids.

    There are different schools with different levels apparently. there's one by Hadera that's meant to be good. The one in Jaffa is pretty awful, I hear. My daughters know kids who go there or went there and say pretty much all the kids start smoking (both nicotene and drugs) very young and do very little school work. The son of friends of ours went there for a year and hated it. He had to cram all summer to get back into an ordinary school because he'd fallen back so much. It's actually heartening to hear that kids like him have the good sense to know when they are wasting their time.

    I have a good friend who teaches in a democratic school in Kfar Saba which is meant to be far better. Both his kids went there and were very happy. I think their mother thinks they didn't do enough work there.

    Seems to me that these schools are less likely to produce adults who understand that one must often work hard in life and make compromises in order to feed ones family. Mind you, I know people who went through the ordinary education system and never understood that either.

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