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    Good work, Judy. I had read the basic lie on the Elder of Zion site, but you have put the whole big sorry lie together. I am at a loss as to why our miserable journalists keep sucking this stuff up. Has the West got a death wish?

    Alinsky wanted to so erode our culture from within that it would be easy for the "proletariat" to take over. I bet he never considered that an alien and far more ruthless culture might overwhelm them, like it did in Iran. When will we wake up?


    Thanks, Alcuin. I think there are two main reasons for why Western journalists keep uncritically recycling Hamas propaganda.

    The main one is that they view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the lens of anti-colonialism, about which they take a guilt driven stance which dichotomises the conflict into colonial oppressors vs the would-be liberated oppressed.

    Through that dichotomy, they read Israel as the colonial oppressor, and the Iranian proxy and Muslim Brotherhood Islamist offshoot Hamas as the oppressed colonised seeking oppression. Nothing will shift this underlying perspective.

    Additionally, western state interests, regardless of whether left or right coalitions and parties are in power, are strongly influenced in the political stances they take by considerations of access to oil and the need to sell arms.

    The combination of the two produces the sort of reporting that the BBC particularly excels in, and makes it very difficult for alternative analyses to be given anything like equivalent weight. On the contrary, they are almost invariably seen as driven by special pleading or the mouthpieces for nefarious or illegitimate interests.

    The presence of blogs, social emerging "alternative" news portal sites and Twitter does offer some possibilities of alternatives getting more legitimacy. They do of course give the same opportunities to networks of conspiracists and extreme racists.

    The extent of the discrediting of the man-made global warming consensus has been achieved with substantial help from blogs.


    ACMost non partisen (for ehiter side) people desire 2 independent States living in peace , but may disagree with th precise details of ultimate final peace termsthemselves that achieve that I've put my scenario up as a circuit breakerDo you believe alternativly th Palestiniens should first desist from any resistanse , and if so for how long before Israel takes any positive move , and then what move should Israel then make , and what West Bank land should Israel be able to keep & who should hav soveignty & working control of Arab East Jureslsm

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