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    Andrew Fishman

    Fortunately, you were dead wrong about Ridley in Rotherham. However reading her biography there's a lot of things that makes me think she's a 'spook'. I tweeted her with a sarky tweet this morning and suggested she go back to the Taliban or is it '007'?. Next thing i know i get a message off twitter that George Galloway is 'following' me. I'm not a twitter fan barely use it and have all of 12 followers. Now i have a celeb following me. Weird.

    Some links to research yr your Ridley Biography would be good


    Its not a 'good' result for Labour, but only for the BNP, who seem to have seen a shift to them from UKIP. Given the naatonil polls its an OK vote for Labour and a disappointing one for the Tories.

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